What is the Marian Blue Wave?

A call to Catholics across America to pray a weekly Rosary with the specific intentions of ending all surgical, pill, contraceptive and IVF abortion and shutting down every Planned Parenthood facility in the United States.

American Life League is excited to embrace our latest project entitled the Marian Blue Wave. The name came from a tweet by Bishop Strickland on January 26, days after New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed the most liberal abortion law ever. Strickland tweeted: “Let’s pray and work for a Marian Blue Wave . . . I’ll start with Texas!!!!”

Inspired by the positive energy Bishop Strickland stirred with his tweet, we immediately decided to launch our very own Marian Blue Wave that would reach from one corner of this nation to the other.


The Marian Blue Wave is a call to action involving the praying of the Rosary with the specific intention of ending abortion. Our goals are many, but the first and most important one is to engage as many of our fellow Catholics as possible—especially priests and bishops—in projects to extol the virtues of praying the Rosary and use it to advance a call to holiness and evangelization.

We need this because the biggest reason why so-called pro-life politics does not work is because, even now in 2019, few people realize that every abortion kills a child of God—a unique human being with his own DNA.

With each and every Rosary we pray, we ask Mary to intercede for us in this struggle and to open eyes to the fact that every preborn child—from his single cell embryonic stage forward—is a member of the human family.

In his encyclical letter Redemptor Hominis, St. John Paul II wrote: “The Son of the living God speaks to people also as Man: it is His life that speaks, His humanity, His fidelity to the truth, His all-embracing love. Furthermore, His death on the cross speaks—that is to say the inscrutable depth of His suffering and abandonment.” Thus, we also pray the Rosary to remind ourselves of all that Jesus has done for us and how much we should be doing for Him.

We acknowledge the fact that the wounds abortion has inflicted are the source of immense suffering in our nation, in the Church, and in the hearts of the parents of the aborted. Like Christ, the preborn child suffers unto death during an abortion, abandoned by the very mother who should protect her. This injustice drives us to our knees before Mary.

Our nation will not heal any other way, nor will we make progress toward ending the scourge of abortion until we embrace wholeheartedly our role in these crimes and begin the quest to heal our nation through prayer and education.

Our goal is simple. With the grace of God and the intercession of His beloved mother, we pray the Rosary for the conversion of our nation, for an end to the killing of the innocent, and for repentance and healing. The Marian Blue Wave can accomplish this as long as we persist and rely always on the will of God.

What would our nation be like if millions of Catholics prayed the Rosary every day for an end to abortion? That is the Marian Blue Wave.


  • Shut down every Planned Parenthood facility in the United States.
  • Shut down every abortion facility in the United States.
  • Expose Catholics who advocate for or promote abortion in any way so that we can pray for them and reach out to each of them in love. Our goal is to change hearts by teaching the truth.
  • Our prayer petitions include:
    1. The Holy Father, bishops, priests, and deacons. May each of them have the courage to defend Christ in the Eucharist and lead their people in praying the Rosary and asking Mary to intercede for us in this struggle.
    2. Families damaged in any way by abortion and its aftermath. May they all find peace in God’s mercy.
    3. Expectant mothers who fear they cannot carry their babies to term, as well as those who will help them and comfort them. May they all feel the hope of Christ’s loving embrace.


  • I feel and think the same way. How God Bless a Nation that kills the most vulnerable, innocent and defenseless human beings among us? We need to help and pray for those women who are considering having an abortion to change their minds and give their babies the right to be born.

  • I don’t know why, but I feel it on my heart to share this…wear blue. Since blue is a Marian color, wearing something blue may remind me to pray continuously, asking for the Blessed Mother’s intercession to end this evil. Join me, if you so choose. Wear blue. Keep praying and God bless!

    • You say you don’t know why.
      It is the Holy Spirit working in your life. Keep listening and may God bless you.

  • The prayer intentions should have a global focus because abortion occurs in all countries, including those in which it is illegal. We need to pray for a change of heart across the entire world.

  • As Nneka said on October 28th, we need to pray for a change of heart ACROSS THE WORLD for an end to this evil. Here in Canada abortion is promoted, to some degree, by all federal parties. Being against abortion and being a faithful Catholic prevented the leader of the Conservative Party from an easy win. We really must pray since our Mother Mary can intercede with her Divine Son for a change of hearts and for the salvation of souls.
    Dominus vobiscum!

  • We need pray constantly that our nation (and the whole world) puts an end to abortion. The question for Americans is not merely “We will survive this scourge,” but rather “Should we?”

  • I am in agreement with each of your comments. A change of heart.
    Who can accomplish this change of heart?

    Only God’s great grace through the Immaculata to the frightened soul, the mother of the unborn child. Our participation as a blue wave member and the heel which smashes the serpents head will help our Lady to her final victory.

    A friend has recently introduced me to binding prayers. Maybe at the end of our rosaries, after the St. Michael the Archangel prayer, we could ask God to bind each and every devil that is influencing the mother to make horrific decisions, to be immediately sent to hell and bound there forever.

    I am seeing from fruit from instituting binding prayers for loved ones who are addicted and assailed by evil forces.

    This is just a humble suggestion.
    I wish I had all of the remedies that work in our timeframes but I don’t. I do Trust in God. His ways are always better than mine.

    Pray and Fast.

    Indeed, this is working. Can binding Satan’s minions help expedite the recovery of our loved ones, and or save a baby from death?

    Peace of Christ be yours fellow pilgrims.

  • May we pray also in the voting booth….that any candidate who supports the killing of babies will NOT be elected

  • With so many innocent babies being killed, has it occurred to anyone that with this covid 19 God is trying to tell us something?
    It just may be a wake up call.
    Think about it.

  • The only Health Care that is true healthcare is a policy that protects and defends the sanctity of life from the moment of conception until natural death. This should be our policy in the United States- a country which acknowledges a source to our lives, that we are creatures of a Creator thus giving the human person intrinsic worth and sanctity. This must be considered as we cast votes in November.

  • For all the intentions of Cardinal Burke’s Storm Heaven rosary canpaign! Met him at the Fatima shrine in NJ, very special place!

  • Let us take our prayers always to Our Blessed Mother and also Saint Joseph and ask for their intercession… Let us ask for the courage to end the scourge of abortion and all other sins noting that life on earth is a constant work in progress learning from our past not trying to erase it… Embracing the virtue of humility let us stand between Our Blessed Mother and Saint John holding their hands along with Saint Mary Magdelane and the other women feeling Our Lord’s Love and Mercy as it revolved from Our Lord, Our Blessed Mother and all their including the Good Thief remembering Our Lord’s word’s, Woman behold your Son, son behold your Mother… Thank you for enabling me to share, Peter Lepre, Envoy For Mercy (MIC)

  • For Pope Francis to call 2021 the year of Saint Joseph, we need the intercession of Saint Joseph today more than ever… The Holy Family must be the model we focus on in learning to be what a true family is… May we ask the intercession of Our Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph to know the family as The Holy Family wants to be known…

  • I also add as intentions those mothers who have chosen life, and their babies, that they may experience the grace of the Holy Spirit in their lives, in facing the challenges they surely face.

    I might also suggest that a link to the Parler site be added, and to phase out FB and Twitter.

  • Thank you for your Rosary reminders. I say my rosary as part of my Legion of Mary prayers.
    I also pray that we get over this pandemic. If you are interested please check out http://www.flccc.net.
    Ivermectin may be God’s answer to our prayers. I am taking it now to prevent me from getting covid-19. God bless you all.

  • My parish Priest was so elated with the Biden Harris win, two homilies were given on the topic. His joy is our pain! Pray for the Pope all Priests , Sisters and Missionaries! The first divide…Divorce the next…????

  • My parish Priest did victory laps in Mass with his homily over the Biden, Harris win. He twice gave the same victory speech saying, ” look at him at Mass with many high officials”. ” God will be with us now”, Father said. Pray for our religious.