In early 2019, I publicly observed that what is needed in the United States of America is a Marian Blue Wave. By that I meant an effort focused on calling on all Christians to recognize the vital part our Blessed Mother plays in salvation history and publicly asking her to restore a culture of life to our country.

American Life League, who has long championed the involvement of Mary in the fight against abortion and other evils, responded to my observation and launched this Marian Blue Wave initiative. The initial purpose of the effort is to call on the Blessed Mother to shower God’s graces on the effort to close down every Planned Parenthood facility in the nation and then to close down every other abortion facility. In order to do that, ALL is asking for individuals and groups to commit to saying one Rosary a week for these specific intentions.

I heartily endorse this effort and, having two Planned Parenthood facilities in the Diocese of Tyler, will implement the Marian Blue Wave initiative in this diocese.

+Bishop Joseph E. Strickland

Among the evils which afflict society in our time, the destruction of innocent and defenseless human life through procured abortion is certainly among the gravest.  For this reason, I encourage Christians to respond generously to the worthy initiative of the American Life League, which has been named the ‘Marian Blue Wave.’ 

By committing to recite the Holy Rosary once a week for an end to abortion, the prayer crusaders of the Marian Blue Wave will grow closer to Christ through the intercession of Mary, and Our Lady will not fail to come to the aid of her faithful children, especially to the defense of the innocent ones in the womb for whom they pray.

+Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke 

Thanks so much for encouraging the Marian Blue Wave. The power of Our Lady’s Rosary has been demonstrated for centuries. Yes, pray the Rosary for an end to abortion!

+Bishop Michael J Sheridan

I thank you very much for the efforts of the American Life League and may we all entrust our hopes and prayers into the Immaculate Heart of Mary for her intercession for the protection of the unborn and that we may live in a society that protects and defends a culture of life for all.

+Bishop Joseph Brennan

Please be sure of my prayers for you and success of your efforts to build a culture of life and protect the most vulnerable among us. Through the intercession of Mary our Mother, may Our Lord Jesus bless you in all your endeavors.

+ Bishop Michael F. Burbidge

I applaud and encourage your initiative in this regard…I will certainly share your initiative with my pastoral leadership staff and consider whether it may fit with our other initiatives. In  the meantime, I encourage you in your efforts.

+ Bishop Thomas J Paprocki

Please be assured of my prayers for all of your good work on behalf of the unborn. May our combined efforts help us prepare for the day when every pregnant mother in need knows where to turn for help and abortion is simply unthinkable.

+ Bishop James F. Checchio