October Is a Big Month for the MBW


Big things are happening for the Marian Blue Wave this October!

On the 7th, this Thursday, we will celebrate our two-year anniversary, and later this month, we have a very exciting announcement to share with you all.

But until then, we have a new state to pray for.

In the month of October, along with our original Marian Blue Wave intentions, we will pray specifically for the closure of the two mega-Planned Parenthood facilities in Colorado.   

One of the mega-facilities is in the Diocese of Denver, and the other is in the Diocese of Colorado Springs. I have written the two bishops of these dioceses to ask if they will join us in prayer for the closure of these mega-facilities and to also encourage their dioceses to join us.  

If you know anyone in Denver or Colorado Springs invite them to pray with us!

There is so much power when we pray in numbers!

I appreciate each of you and your prayers so much! Thank you for all you do to help end abortion and close abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood. We truly cannot do this without you.

Yours in the Lord Who IS Life,  

Katie Brown
Director, Marian Blue Wave


  • I AM THAT I AM Beloved Mother Mary’s Pure Divine Love, Forgiveness, Mercy, Power, Wisdom and Healing bringing forth Christ Victory for all that is beautiful, true, sacred, holy, pure and good everywhere throughout America and the world.

  • Thank GOD I found you. (@ the Church Militant Evening News last night) Years ago I joined a group that prays every Saturday in front of an abortion clinic close to where I live. This clinic closed. Then the group move to another abortion clinic, and closed also. The next abortion clinic that my group went was very far from me, so I stop going since my husband passed away who drives for us.
    I was so excited last night when I found you, at last I can again join a group without driving to a far place. God bless you Ms. Katie Brown. May our Lady keep you safe under Her Mantle

  • I will be praying for the Planned Parenthood facilities in Colorado to close. I believe that all the Rosaries prayed fervently will do this job and in according to our Dear Mother Time and Plan

  • Is there a way that I can send this location on an email to allow my email contacts to learn about your organization?

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