New Jersey Needs the Marian Blue Wave

Dear Marian Blue Wave participants,

I write today to call your attention to one of the stated goals of the Marian Blue Wave. That goal, which can be found here on the MBW page, is: “Expose Catholics who advocate for or promote abortion in any way so that we can pray for them and reach out to each of them in love. Our goal is to change hearts by teaching the truth.”

Have you ever heard the phrase “Catholic in name only”? Well, that perfectly describes Phil Murphy, the governor of New Jersey.

In the last year, not only has “Catholic” governor Murphy legalized assisted suicide in New Jersey, he also pushed a law giving Planned Parenthood an additional $9.5 million in taxpayer funding.

The power of the Marian Blue Wave is that we can all pray for particular problems no matter where we live!

In addition to praying for an end to all abortion and for the closure of all Planned Parenthood and abortion facilities, please offer up your weekly MBW Rosary for Phil Murphy.

If anyone can bring Governor Murphy to the truth, it’s the Blessed Mother.

Do you know anyone in New Jersey? Forward them this e-mail. This is happening in their state and in their hometown—and they might not even know.

May the Blessed Mother bring Governor Murphy to her Son.

Yours in the Lord Who IS Life,
Katie Brown
Director of Media Relations, American Life League

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