Welcome from Judie Brown

American Life League’s president, Judie Brown, welcomes you to a new spiritual movement to end the culture of death, including abortion and Planned Parenthood. In this video, she explains how this is not a political battle, but a spiritual one, and how our main weapon is faith—faith in God, His Blessed Mother, and our Blessed Mother’s weapon of choice, the holy rosary.


  • Thank you Bishop Strickland, Judie, David, Jim, Hugh, Rita and ALL,

    The Rosary/Our Lady… goodbye abortion and the culture of death!
    God bless you! Our Lord and Our Lady are smiling!
    I’m inviting my friends and colleagues to become part of the Marian Blue

  • Great idea. I would suggest that you have a link to a recitation of each set of rosary decades right here on your site so that visitors can begin keeping their commitment by praying with you folks online.

  • This is Our Lady of Fatima’s request through her apparitions to Lucia, Jacinta and Francesco to pray the Rosary daily.
    The killing of innocent life is our WWIII and as St. Theresa of Calcutta stated – if we can kill babies, what is to prevent us from killing each other. We are seeing this on a daily basis.
    “Pray, hope, and don’t worry ” as the Rosary is our weapon . St. Padre Pio