Marian Blue Wave Webcast Replay

Enough is enough! After 46 years of decriminalized abortion, it’s clear that political, legislative, and legal efforts alone are not sufficient to stop the slaughter of innocent children and the harming of women. We need a miracle. We need the Marian Blue Wave.

Together with the Blessed Mother and her Son, we will wash out abortion once and for all. Invite your friends to join you as a spiritual warrior against abortion. Email and share this link on social media.


  • I don’t know if sin can be catagorized, but if so abortion must top the list. The horrific, inhumane, and heartless taking of innocent human life is disgusting.
    “PRO CHOICE”? If you’re pregnant you’ve made your choice!

  • If bishops would end their silence about abortion and state that Catholics, who support pro abortion politicians, cannot receive communion while these politicians remain in office; we might just feel we have a shepherd we could follow.

    • I agree. Some of our Catholic Bishops have completely abandoned the Faithful. When I was young, these politicians and other Pro-Abortion people would have been excommunicated. Have you heard of anyone getting excommunicated lately? I did hear of one Bishop who refused Holy Communion to Joe Biden but it did not say he was excommunicated. What are the Bishops afraid of? They might want to be afraid of God!