Marian Blue Wave Excerpt: Joining is Easy

Webcast Excerpt: How You Can Join the Marian Blue Wave

In this excerpt from the video webcast, Katie Brown explains how simple it is to register online for the Marian Blue Wave.

Katie Brown, American Life League


  • I have been part of American Life League since 1989 or 1990. I am a monthly contributor. And now I get to be part of this Marian Blue Wave by saying the weekly Rosary to end all abortions and and shutting down all of the Planned Parenthood facilities. I just signed up today Friday June 12, 2020.

  • I do not own a car, so I do not need a bumper sticker. But could you send me a Marian Blue Wave Rosary only? I did not put my street address when I signed up for this. The sign up information refers to the bumper sticker only. It is when I listened to the video by David speaking with Katie Brown that she talked about the free MBW Rosary.