We’re Praying for This State in September


Ready for a new state to pray for?

In the month of September, along with our original Marian Blue Wave intentions, we will pray specifically for the closure of the three mega-Planned Parenthood facilities in New York.   

Two of the mega-facilities are in the Diocese of Albany, and the third is in the Diocese of Brooklyn. I have written the two bishops of these dioceses to ask if they will join us in prayer for the closure of the four mega-facilities in New York and also encourage their dioceses to join us.  

The facilities are located in Schenectady, Albany, and Long Island City. If you know anyone in these areas, invite them to join us!

There is so much power when we pray in numbers!

I appreciate each of you and your prayers so much! Thank you for all you do to help end abortion and close abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood. We truly cannot do this without you.

Yours in the Lord Who IS Life,  

Katie Brown
Director, Marian Blue Wave

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