Better Late Than Never, Our December Intention Is…


With all the excitement of our new prayer companion (which you can pre-order now), I haven’t had a chance to share with you our intention for December.

In the remainder of December, along with our original Marian Blue Wave intentions, we will pray specifically for the closure of the two mega-Planned Parenthood facilities in North Carolina.   

One of the mega-facilities is in the Diocese of Charlotte, and the other is in the Diocese of Raleigh. I have written the two bishops of these dioceses to ask if they will join us in prayer for the closure of these mega-facilities and to also encourage their dioceses to join us.  

If you know anyone in Charlotte or Raleigh, forward them this e-mail and invite them to pray with us!

There is so much power when we pray in numbers!

This e-mail is also your reminder to offer up one Rosary for the Marian Blue Wave intentions this week.

Need a quick refresher? The Marian Blue Wave intentions are for an end to all abortion, for the closure of all Planned Parenthood and abortion facilities in the US, and for protection of our Lord in the Eucharist.

That’s it! Just add these intentions to one of your Rosaries this week.

And don’t forget, our NEW prayer book is available for pre-order now! This prayer book was designed to answer YOUR requests for more ways to be a Marian Blue Wave warrior!

This book will aid all those who pray for an end to abortion and Planned Parenthood and is designed to provide the faithful with HOURS of pro-life prayer material.It can be used at home, in Adoration, in a prayer group, or in front of an abortion facility.  

Our books come in stock in January, so act now to pre-order your copy.

Here’s what you will find in this new prayer book made exclusively for the MBW and pro-life warriors:

  • Evergreen monthly spiritual reflections written by national pro-life heroes such as Fr. Shenan Boquet, Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, and Fr. Frank Pavone.
  • Four sections of prayers, one for each of the MBW intentions. Each section contains a litany of prayers, readings, and hymns specific to that intention.
  • Reflections on the mysteries of the Rosary written exclusively for the MBW by Judie Brown.
  • Instructions on how to pray the Rosary.
  • Prayers written for the laity by a Catholic exorcist.
  • And much, much MORE!

I appreciate each of you and your prayers so much! Thank you for all you do to help end abortion and close abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood. We truly cannot do this without you.

Yours in the Lord Who IS Life,  

Katie Brown
Director, Marian Blue Wave

P.S. Thank you so much for your support; we cannot do this without you!

P.P.S. Know someone who wants to join the MBW? Forward them this e-mail, and they can join here

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