115 Bodies Found in DC


I wish I were writing under better circumstances.

If you haven’t seen the news lately, let me catch you up. Two weeks ago in Washington, DC, the bodies of 115 aborted children were recovered by pro-lifers outside of an abortion facility.

This story is continuing to unfold, and of course the mainstream media is taking every opportunity to divert attention from the bodies of these children.

The pro-lifers obtained these children from a medical waste worker who was taking boxes of “medical waste” to an incineration facility. Upon letting the medical waste worker know what might be in those boxes, he handed them over to the pro-lifers, who promised to give any children inside a proper burial.

What they found was devastating: the dismembered and intact bodies of 115 preborn children.

The pro-lifers were able to arrange a Catholic burial and naming ceremony for 110 of the babies, whose ages ranged around the first trimester. However, for the remaining five, they attempted to arrange for the DC medical examiner to perform autopsies on them. They suspected these five children were victims of partial birth abortions. What happened instead was that the DC police seized the five bodies and refuse to give them back to the pro-lifers for a proper Catholic burial.

This is all happening right now, and the sheer evil of it all is simply unimaginable.

It’s time to rally, Marian Blue Wave prayer partners! Please say a special Rosary today for the following intentions:

  • The repose of the souls of these 115 murdered children
  • Healing and conversion for the mothers, fathers, and families of these children
  • Conversion for the abortionist and the abortion workers
  • Strength for the pro-lifers who recovered these children’s bodies

These 115 children died alone, and countless more will follow unless we use their example to make a change. We must rally together as a pro-life community to fight for an end to all abortion—without exception and without compromise.

There are lives at stake, and there are souls at stake.

Our Lady of Life, pray for us!

Katie Brown

Director, Marian Blue Wave

Photo curtesy of PAAU Twitter and WUSA9.com

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