Can You Believe It’s Been a Year? Here’s Our May Intention!


May marks one year since we began the special monthly intentions for the closure of all Planned Parenthood mega-facilities! Let’s do a quick recap.
In the last year, we have said Rosaries for the closure of 27 mega-facilities in 12 states. We have seven facilities and six states to go!
In October, which just so happens to be Right to Life Month, we will pray for our very last mega-facility intention. There are no coincidences, friends!
Send me your ideas for our next monthly intention campaign! But don’t forget, we will of course continue to pray for our usual MBW intentions every week! 
In the month of May, along with our original Marian Blue Wave intentions, we will pray specifically for the closure of the one mega-Planned Parenthood facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 
The mega-facility is located in the Diocese of Kalamazoo. I have written to the bishop to ask if he will join us in prayer for the closure of this mega-facility and to also ask if he will encourage the people in his diocese to join us.  
If you know anyone in the Kalamazoo diocese, invite them to pray with us!
There is so much power when we pray in numbers! 
Yours in the Lord Who IS Life,

Katie Brown
Director, Marian Blue Wave

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